Here you will find a list of the frequently asked questions. Please read them carefully before purchasing our subscriptions or if you have any doubts about our service.

Do i really get unlimited access to all the flyer templates on the website ?

Yes, you get unlimited access to all the designs on our website as far as your subscription is active. Once the subscription expires, if you wish to keep using our service you’ll have to renew the service unless auto renewal is active.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual plan ?

With the monthly plan you’ll get billed monthly for a price of 19$. With the annual plan you can pay your subscription once per year for 69$ (this is 5.84$ per month). If you decide to buy the annual plan you would spend 4 times less than purchasing a monthly plan every month. With both the plans the auto renewal will be active, so please deactivate it in your account settings if you don’t want to get charged when your subscription expires.

How often will you add new templates to your website ?

Now that we have a subscription service, we will add no less than 3/5 designs per week unless we are on vacation during holidays. We want to let our customers know that we prefer quality over quantity. We could even add 20 flyers per week, but with us this will never ever happen. What makes our service unique is the quality of our designs and the passion we put onto our works. We highly appreciate suggestions for new designs. If you see a design for a certain topic missing on the website, please let us know through our contact page. We will do our best to design templates which cover every category. By purchasing our service you’ll get stunning and professional designs, where we spend ton of hours of work and we are sure that you and your customers will love them !

What software do i need to edit your templates ?

All our templates are editable with Photoshop. We suggest you to use atleast Photoshop CS3 for a full compatibility with all our designs. If you don’t have a license, Adobe offers a trial month for any of their softwares and you can download them on the Adobe website. Photoshop is the only software by which you can edit our templates.

Can i use your design for commercial purposes or to resell them to the final customer ?

Yes you get an unlimited-use license, therefore you can use them for commercial purposes and you can resell them to the final customer. It is stricly forbidden to resell our templates on other marketplaces on the web or on your own website.

What happens if i want to cancel my subscription ?

Cancelling your Subscription is very easy. After joining , you will be able to manage your subscriptions into your account settings and cancel your subscription with a button. If you have any difficulties, simply contact our support and we’ll be more than happy to cancel it for you.

What’s your refund Policy ?

We don’t offer refunds for our subscription plans. This is because we wouldn’t be able to track if someone downloaded all our designs before asking for a refund.If it happened, this would be unfair and unrespectful towards us. If you purchased a single item instead, and you don’t feel satisfied with it, we will be happy to give you a different design from our library for free.

Why don’t you include the models inside your designs ?

All the models we use are downloaded with a Standard License from stock websites. This kind of license doesn’t allow us to include them. Getting an extended license for every model we used in our designs would be excessively expensive. If you like some models in particular and the link is not listed in the description of the flyer, you can contact us and we will give you the download link.

How do i start downloading after purchasing a subscription ?

Once a subscription has been purchased, all you need to do is open the post of the design that you wish to download and click on the “Premium Download” button. If download doesn’t start suddenly, please wait a few seconds and don’t keep clicking on the button.

How do i cancel or update a subscription ?

To stop your subscription from renewing or if you wish to upgrade to a different plan, you can do it by visiting the account page. Go on the subscriptions tab and you’ll be able to manage your subscription.

If you can’t find what you are searching for on this page, and you still have doubts, please contact us through our contact page.